Not your average no-sew drop cloth curtains

Who hasn’t heard of the no-sew drop cloth curtains? It seriously seems like everyone is making them, or has made them. I have to think it is because they are not only inexpensive and easy to make, but also because they are really cute and versatile.

First, I gathered my supplies. I bought the curtain rods and drapery clips from hobby lobby.

I bought the drop cloths from Home Depot. I decided to get the “heavy duty” drop cloths instead of the normal one just because I wanted my curtains to have a little more weight to them. Make sure to measure your windows first so you can get the right size drop cloth.

Because I was making four curtain panels, I tried to choose four drop cloths that were as similar in color as possible. It was so surprising to me how many different shades and tones there were….all the same brand, same size and in the same box, just slightly different colors.

To prep the drop cloths, I bleached them all together for four hours. Washed them. Washed. them again. And then washed them one last time, but this time with a lot of fabric softener. Then put them in the dryer, they came out some much softer than I would have imagined! To finish them off, I ironed them.

Now all I had to do was hang them. Start by measuring the distance from the floor to the curtain rod. The distance from my floor to the curtain rod is 81 inches, I clipped mine up at 80 inches because I wanted the curtains to pool a little on the floor. I wanted to make these no-sew drop cloth curtains just a little different than all the ones that I have seen (not because I don’t absolutely love all the other no-sew drop cloth curtains, but just to add a little different twist), simply by clipping them up slightly different. Instead of just clipping the curtains up with the extra folded over….

I decided to take the extra portion that was folded over, and bring it back to the top to clip up, making a little pouf like ruffle.

These curtains were seriously so quick and easy to make! We would love to hear what you think! Do you like the pouf like ruffle on these curtains?

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  1. Love the poof!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much!!!💕

    2. The curtains are wonderful! You had a wonderful idea.

  2. I love the little “twist” you did with the flip-over ruffle. I made drop cloth curtains as well and this is even easier because you don’t have to hem!! Kinda loving it. Thanks so much for sharing for Friday Friends Parade!

    xoxo Jodie & Julie

    1. Thank you so much!!!💕

  3. Your curtains look amazing and love your pretty plate wall, what a lovely picture……
    Thanks for sharing it with us. I am a plate girl too.

    Blessings, Nellie

  4. I love drop cloth for everything in the house. You did a great job. Love the pouf.

    1. Thank you so much!!!💕

  5. Can you explain a little more about bleaching the material for 4 hours? How much bleach and why? I thought the whole point in drop cloth curtains was their unique color. They look great hanging in the window! Thanks

    1. I used bleach to lighten the color of the fabric just a bit, and also to soften the fabric. The drop cloths that I used were soooo stiff and needed to be softened. I don’t always use bleach on my drop cloth projects, but on these curtains I did. I used about 1.5 liters of bleach in my washer with all four drop cloths in there at the same time, and then let the cloths soak in the bleach for 4 hours. Hope this helps! Thank you so much for visiting LeCultivateur!!!💗
      ~Emily and Jennie

  6. How do suggest bleaching drop cloths if you have a front loading washer that does not fill with water? M

    1. I think you could totally soak (with warm water and bleach) the drop cloths in a big bucket, a sink, or even in your bathtub…after they are done soaking, wring out the excess water and then wash them in your washing machine.

    1. Thank you!!!

  7. Hi! I read that drop cloths shrink tremendously after washing them. Did yours not?

    1. The drop cloths did shrink, that it why I washed and dried them before hanging them. Hope that helps!

      1. I washed them once with no bleach yet they’re 2 different colors. Ordered them off amazon.

        1. Oh no! I’m so sorry!! I always have the best luck with the “heavy duty” drop cloths from Home Depot.

  8. How cute! I like the idea that you can change up the look with a pouf if you get tired of the typical drop cloth curtain. Or, have two different looks in different rooms of your house. Having the same material would make your house flow well.
    Thanks for the great idea!

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