Decorating with plates ~ plate walls made easy

Something that I am always drawn to is pretty plates! Plates of all sizes and shapes!! I love sifting through the endless stacks of plates at antique shops, trying to find the prettiest ones to take home. Can you really ever have too many pretty plates?.

Over the years Jennie and I have decorated with plates a lot, whether it be a plate wall, beautiful plates arranged in a box, a crate, or even a chicken feeder, or stacked beautifully in a cabinet…we seriously love plates!!!

When creating a plate wall, I like to start out by measuring the space that I have to work with and then taping a mock up space on the floor. I then make my arrangement on the floor, in my mocked up area. Once the arrangement is how I like it, I take a picture of it so I can refer back to it, especially if the plates get shuffled around. Taking a picture of the arrangement before hanging the plates might just be the most important step for me, I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t take a picture and it takes me twice as long to figure out the placement of each plate.

To hang plates on a wall, I like to use wire plate hangers. I have heard that a lot of people like the adhesive plate hangers. I haven’t tried them because I worry that they either won’t hold my plate over time, (I would hate to lose a plate!) or that I wouldn’t be able to get the adhesive off the back of my plates.

One thing that I definitely recommend you use is monkey hooks.

They are so easy to use! Also, I feel like the hook holds my plate a lot more secure than a nail or a screw would. I have used nails to hang my plates before, the slightest bump would send the plate crashing to the floor. I haven’t lost a single plate since using monkey hooks, and that really says a lot considering I have four young boys who are always playing ball in the house, shooting nerf guns in the house, etc.

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Happy plate hanging y’all! 💗~Emily & Jennie

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  1. I too love pretty plates! Your walls are so inspiring. I have 3 boys and have always worried about hanging plates but your monkey hooks might just be the ticket! Glad to be following your blog again.

    1. Thank you so much!! Monkey hooks are seriously the key for me! I haven’t lost a single plate since using them. Before monkey hooks, I don’t even want to guess how many plates I lost due to nerf gun wars.😬
      Thanks for visiting our blog and following along with us!!

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