When thinking about starting a blog again, I contemplated whether or not it would be something that would be beneficial to me and also to those who read this blog. After revisiting my old blog, Nest.Nesting.Nested and reading through so many sweet comments on my old blog posts, I remembered how much love, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration that I received from the blogging community. It made me realize that starting a new blog was definitely something that I wanted to do! I have always been such a shy and very private person, which makes blogging so challenging and yet so rewarding for me. I love sharing my ideas! I love being inspired by other blogs! Blogging motivates me! It makes me happy!

One thing that I have promised myself is that this blog is going to be REAL. The REAL me. My REAL personality and style. My REAL triumphs and failures! Just plain REAL!

More than six years ago, I remember so vividly, like it was yesterday…I had just blogged about my little dining area. I had put the leaf into my small round table, making it a slightly bigger oval. I received a couple comments about it being the “wrong” choice for my little space. I was shocked! “Why would someone be rude? Maybe they were just trying to help me? Maybe an oval table was the wrong choice?” So many thoughts ran through my mind. I quickly took the leaf out of my table, rewrote my blog post and retook the pictures without the leaf in the table.

A few months later, I welcomed my third little boy. I thought “what am I going to do? I will soon need another chair at the table, but I couldn’t possibly put that leaf back in! What would my readers think?” It was around that time that I realized, although I loved so many of my blogging friendships, I always felt so encouraged and inspired by them, I had to step away from my blog and reevaluate. I wasn’t being REAL to myself. It took a couple years, but I gained confidence in my style and my ability to create again. I realized my house is MY house, I am the one who lives here, so I should choose how to decorate it. My house completely changed after that! I fell in love with my house, so in love with every part of that house!

I eventually even got a much bigger table for that little space, and you know what? I LOVED it!

What I am trying to say is, do what makes you happy! Just because someone tells you that you should or shouldn’t do something, do what makes you happy and feels right for you! I am so excited to be starting this new blogging journey with an entirely different mind set than I had years ago when I started Nest.Nesting.Nested. I truly hope it’s a blog where others can inspiration, motivation, and love!!!


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  1. Emily, I love this post for many reasons, but mostly because you are being true to yourself, and your own ideas. Yay! Part of being “in the public” is that there will always be people it’s opinions. : ). But your opinion in creating a home for the people you love is the one that counts. I am cheering you on! I love your new table…we have a really big (for the space) table in our kitchen, it seats all of our family and a few friends too, and I love it. XoLidy

    1. This is such a sweet comment!! Thank you so much!!! It’s comments like this that make blogging so much fun!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

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