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When it comes to styling a side table, entry table, nightstand, sideboard, etc., I definitely have decor staples that I use time and time again! My decor staples never fail me. My top four decor staples are, fresh flowers or greenery of some sort, vintage books, lamps, and mirrors or art. I don’t always use all four of my decor staples when styling a tabletop, desk, nightstand, etc, but it is certain that I am using at least two or three of my decor staples every time.

What are your tried and true staples? What do you love to decorate with? I would love to hear!!

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  • Cecilia from Ga

    I love your French decor ideas and especially your mirrors, pictures, and frames. In the picture with the tulips it looks like you stacked frames. What is the trick to making that look good and not like I just set them on a table and forgot to move one? You certainly have inspired me. I love all of the “Scoop Girls” different styles and personalities.

    • LeCultivateur

      I think the trick to having the stacked empty frames look finished is to add a “finished” piece and some fillers…on my nightstand where I have empty stacked frames, I finished it off with a “finished piece”, the piece of framed art, and then the added fillers, the flowers and books to make it look intentional and put together.
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      Happy Wednesday!

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