DIY raised shiplap garden bed

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!! Hope y’all are having a safe and enjoyable weekend! As we get ready to enter into the summer months, isn’t it so much fun to be outside, enjoying the warmer weather? I love being outside and working in my yard. I built two raised beds to grow herbs and vegetables in. These are so easy to make and cost less than $100!

I scored the cedar shiplap, to build my boxes, in the clearance wood pile at Home Depot….you should always check there first, it’s 50% off for wood that might be slightly warped, broken or split ends, etc. For this project, I didn’t mind having slightly warped boards, I wanted my garden boxes to have a worn, imperfect, older appearance.

First, I measured and cut all my boards, and supports. For the supports, I used a weather treated 2×4.

I then nailed (using a nail gun and 2 inch finish brads) the shiplap to the supports. Make sure there is a support on the very edge of each side, and two supports in the middle of both the front and back sides.

Then, nail your end pieces to the front and back sides.

To finish the boxes, I stained the boxes with Minwax white wash. Once dry, line the bottom with either cardboard, newspapers, or a weed barrier of some sort. Fill with garden soil and then plant whatever makes your heart happy!!

I can’t wait for everything to grow bigger and fill the boxes!

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  1. Just what I wanted and we have all the wood. We felled 4 cedar trees that gave us 1000+ board feet of shiplap 5″ in wide and 3/4″ thick. Some have too many knots for walls and cabinets. Perfect Covid project. Love your blog design.

    1. Thank you so much!!!

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