Vintage Lace Lampshade

These vintage lace lampshades are some of my favorite things that I have ever made! I have a real love for vintage lace!!!

I made this lampshade years ago, and still love it! I did have a few comments concerning the hot glue used, just wondering if it would hold up over time? Mine has held up perfectly! If using hot glue is a worry, you could always use another type of glue.

Here is a tutorial on how to make this sweet, delicate lace lampshade, from my old blog Nast.Nesting.Nested.


One day I had a brilliant idea to make a vintage lace lampshade. The problem was, I only had one or two small pieces of old lace.

I looked and looked for vintage lace, but didn’t have much success until I was on vacation . I came across an antique mall with a booth full of amazing old lace. I was beyond excited!

Here is the lamp before I got started…

Here it is again after I took the fabric off the shade and sprayed the entire lamp with two coats of Krylon’s Dover White spray paint in a satin sheen.

I started gluing, using a hot glue gun, my first layer of lace…it was definitely the trickiest layer. Once you have the first layer glued on just how you want it, the rest is easy!

One of my favorite parts of the lampshade has to be the little snap on one of the pieces of lace. It looks as if it were an old slip strap. I love the character it adds!!!

Little lacey designs on the walls at night when the lamp is turned on…so sweet!

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20 Replies to “Vintage Lace Lampshade”

    1. Thank you so much!!! We hope you make a lamp shade, they truly are so easy and so lovely! We would love to see your lamp shade after you make it. Thank you for visiting LeCultivateur and for leaving such a sweet comment!!
      ~Emily & Jennie

  1. Your shades are gorgeous; I love the shadows they throw! My mom used to sew snaps with a short tape onto the shoulder seams of her blouses just like yours; she used them to keep her bra straps from falling down! Now WHAT was the lace used for before you found it? It old things could just tell us their stories!

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet words!! If only old things could tell us their stories…it would be truly amazing!!! Thank you so much for visiting our blog and leaving such a sweet comment! It made our day!!!
      ~Emily & Jennie

  2. I really love this. But, in my line of work, I see it as being the perfect thing to hang earrings from (like a jewelry organizer.) Ha! Thanks for the tutorial. I know I’ll be looking for some lampshades the next time I hit the thrift store. I already have the lace!

  3. I am so very much in love with these! I have a bunch of lacy but was trying to cover the whole shade more like all in one piece. Never thought about doing it this way. Brilliant! I’ve looked at all kinds of ways that others do this and have never seen this way done. This looks so much more professional than others. I can’t wait to get my things organized in their new home so I can find the lace and get started. Very nicely done!

    1. Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment!!! I would love the hear how yours turns out, I am sure it will be lovely!!!💗💗💗

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