Favorite Things Thursday ~ White Wax

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Today I’m sharing something that I used for the first time, just last week, and I’m so loving it! It’s white wax, by Waverly. This wax is generally used to seal a chalk painted surface, but I used it to add a little depth and dimension, as well as a little personality, to a wood table base that I recently stripped.

The table was beautiful in its original state, but it wasn’t completely my style. I felt like the table was a bit too formal looking for my home. Here is the table before…And here it is now, sanded and finished with white wax…

I am also working on a project for my little boys’ room that I am using the white wax on. You know how it is, once I find something that I like, I use it EVERYWHERE! Here is a picture of the wood that I am waxing for my little boys’ room….Doesn’t the wax make such a huge difference! I first stained the wood in a dark mahogany color, let it dry for a little less than an hour, and then finished it with a coat of the white wax.

What do you think? Do you like the white wax?

Thank you so much for visiting LeCultivateur!!! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, and for leaving me such sweet, encouraging comments! Y’all are the best!!! Hope y’all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!💗


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  1. Looks great! What a great way to update a old table.

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  2. Love that table with the sanding and white wax! It’s totally you. I’ve used all sorts of different types and brands of wax but believe it or not I haven’t tried the white wax yet. I guess I’m gonna have to try it.

    1. You’re so sweet!! I think you’d love it!💗

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