Sunday Flowers – 6•5•2022 – using wet flower foam

Happy Sunday, friends!!! I hope you all have had a wonderful week! It was the first week of summer break here, so much fun!!

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul. – Luther Burbank

For this arrangement, I used wet flower foam to hold the stems in place. Flower foam is so easy to use, I love it! Place the floral foam into your container/vase and add water. Click HERE for the flower foam I use. Tip: when buying flower foam, be sure to get “wet” foam for fresh flowers, and “dry” foam for faux stems.

Start placing your stems into the foam

Stem by stem

Step back, look at the stem placement, add a few more, and soon you’ll have an arrangement that you love!

Wishing you all a wonderful day, full of sunshine, happiness, and flowers!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!!

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