My Summer Bedroom and Its Doppelganger

Hi friends!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the new week!

Today, I’m so excited to be joining my sweet friend, Heidi from Eleanor Rose Home to share a little summer bedroom refresh. I first fell in love with Heidi’s style on Instagram and was so excited to find out that she also blogs! If you’re not already following along with her blog, I highly recommend that you do. You’re going to love her style!!

Summer bedroom refresh

First things first, when the weather changes so does my bedding. For the warmer months, I love linen bedding, it’s so light and airy, yet comfortable and cozy!

I love the soft linen ruffles and those big buttons, it feels so summery to me!

And, of course, fresh flowers and a few candles for that dreamy, romantic feel that I love so much!

Some of you might be wondering why I have a big chunky blanket out still, it’s my weighted blanket. Even though it’s getting warmer outside, I still sleep with it every night. It helps me fall asleep so fast! I love it!!!

Other than switching out my bedding and adding a few seasonal blooms, my room looks about the same year-round. Do you decorate your room for each season, or just change a few little things to make it feel fresh and fun?

Thank you so much for stopping by today!!! You’re not going to want to miss Heidi’s room refresh! If my bedroom had a doppelganger, it would be Heidi’s. Click HERE to visit her blog and see if you think our rooms are twins, maybe not identical twins, more like fraternal twins, but still twins.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!!!

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