The 12 DIYs of Christmas – DIY gold mercury glass ornaments

Hi friends!! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!! Tara and I were going to share a DIY yesterday, but I didn’t finish mine in time so we are sharing today.

For today’s DIY, I wanted to create ornaments that I could hang on the tree in my bedroom without spending much money.

What you’ll need

• Clear glass or plastic ornaments – I got mine from Hobby lobby, they are plastic but are so cute! And only cost $8 for 30 ornaments! All their Christmas is 60% off right now. Such a great deal!

• Gold or silver spray paint

• White vinegar

I started by taking the tops off each ornament. I then placed each ornament on a skewer stick that I placed in some styrofoam, so I could paint them easily. I painted the tops separate from the ornaments.

Start with a coat of gold or silver spray paint.

As soon as you are done spray painting the ornaments, while the paint is still wet, mist them with white vinegar

After you have misted the ornaments with white vinegar, spray another coat of gold spray paint directly on top of the vinegar.

After the paint was mostly dry, I picked up each ornament and rubbed it in a cloth, popping any little bubbles of vinegar that were left behind.

I absolutely love how these turned out!! If you look closely you’ll even see that the vinegar helped create some aged green patina. I am going to tie ribbons on each of these ornaments and hang them on the tree in my bedroom.

Let’s hop over to Tara‘s blog to see the DIY that she is sharing today!! Simply click on the photo below…

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you all have a lovely afternoon!!

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