Top Shelf Clearance Challenge

I was invited by some of my sweet blogger friends (their blogs are listed at the bottom of the post), to be part of a fun clearance challenge. The challenge was to spend no more than $15, on a clearance item(s), and then incorporate the items into our fall decor in our homes. I thought this challenge was going to be super easy, turns out, finding cute clearance items is quite challenging. I looked and looked everywhere, but kept coming up empty handed! Finally, last night as I was at Walmart getting groceries, I decided to look at their clearance section. I found some frames, and this cutie little tin house.I knew exactly what I was going to do with my clearance finds…style the shelves in my kitchen, that I just finished building, and haven’t gotten a chance to style yet.

I started by painting the little tin house I white chalk paint. I know so many of you a cringing, because it was so cute as is. I already have a few different metals here, I didn’t want it stand out, but it would have, and not in a good way!I then, spray painted the frames, in my favorite gold spray paint. Once the frames were dry, I put the sweetest, vintage, hand written, recipes in the frames.I am so excited about my new shelves!When I think of fall, I always think of the kitchen, the heart of the home, everyone gathered around cooking and having a good time!

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