Lovely Floral Wallpaper For My Bedroom

Happy Monday, friends!!! I hope your weekend was amazing!!!

I’m so excited to share my new wallpaper with you all!!

Here’s a look at my bedroom before…

And now, with floral wallpaper…

I LOVE flowers and love vintage paintings, so what could be better than a wall full of beautiful florals that look like a vintage painted masterpiece!!

This wallpaper has completely transformed my bedroom!! I’m in love!!

If you are looking for wallpaper, I highly recommend you check out Photowall. They have so many gorgeous prints! This print is called “Juliette Botany”

The wallpaper in my entryway is also from Photowall.

This print is called “Florain”. You can use the code “LeCutlivateurii25” for 25% off your order! The code is good through April.15, 2022.

I am loving wallpaper so much lately!! I would wallpaper every room in my house if I could! How about you, do you love wallpaper too?

Sending you all lots of love!!

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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous transformation. It’s stunning.

    1. Thank you so much!!!!

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