French Vintage Friday – French country curtains

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all have had a wonderful week! My boys have been crazy this week, so I’m so excited for the weekend!! Summer break is always so much fun but can be exhausting from time to time.

Today for French Vintage Friday I am sharing these new curtains that I got from DecoBerry.

The lighting in the space always makes things appear slightly different in color than they are in real life. The curtains in my pictures look much more golden yellow than they actually are. Here is an up-close of their true coloring…

I am in love with the checked fabric.

These curtains make this space feel so fresh and new! Sometimes the simplest change can make a big impact!

What do you think? Do these curtains give the space more of the French country look?

Let’s hop over and see what Tara is sharing today! Simply click on the photo below…

Thank you so much for stopping by today!!!

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