Time to finish all of my unfinished projects

Happy Labor Day, friends!! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend! Can you believe it is already September! This year is flying by!!

Before we know it, the holidays will be here. I love having my home feel cozy and welcoming, especially during the holiday season, so I’m trying to finish all the projects that I have started throughout this year.

Here’s what is on my list of unfinished projects…

I figure if I blog about it, I will hold myself more accountable and get these things done. And, hopefully, they will be fun projects for y’all to follow along with!

Some of the things on my list you may remember me finishing in recent years. As most DIYers can attest to, styles are always changing and evolving. As my style is evolving, some of the things that I have done in recent years are ready for a little refresh.

My mudroom for example, here is how I left it last time I blogged about it.

After living with this space for a little more than a year, I have decided I would like to add doors to help hide the mess. While the space looks clean and organized in this picture, on a normal day it is quite a disaster.

Last time you saw my laundry room, it looked like this…

About six months ago I started a refresh on the space, but I never finished it. I’m hoping this space turns out amazing because who likes to do laundry, especially in a space that isn’t cute?

After I added the wallpaper in my bedroom, I had planned on painting the walls to better match, but never got around to it. Here is how it looks right now…

The wallpaper is only on the one wall. I am considering painting the other walls a beautiful color by Sherwin-Williams called “poetry plum”

As soon as I saw this color I was instantly drawn to it! I will have to get a sample mixed to see if it’s the perfect color. If not, I will find another color, but painting my room is definitely on my list.

As for my front door, here is what it looked like last time you saw it…

I love this color so much, but I’m going for a slightly different pink for the fall. The color that I am going to paint it is a Farrow & Ball color called “dead salmon”.

Those are just the unfinished projects that come to my head right away, I have a lot more unfinished projects that I will share with you throughout the year. Wish me luck as I try to finish these projects and so many more before the holidays begin!

Tara is also sharing a list of unfinished projects today. I cannot wait to follow along with all of her projects as well! Click on the photo below to check out her blog post to see what is on her list of unfinished projects…

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Wishing you all a wonderful Labor Day holiday!

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