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Another Furniture Transformation

Happy Thursday, friends!! I’ve been so busy this week, but I did manage to refinish a dining room table.

Here’s the before (pic from the Facebook listing)…

And after some chalk paint, and a lot of sanding….

I painted the entire table white, started to distress it, and then realized that I wanted to sand most of the paint off the top of the table. If only I wouldn’t have put such a thick coat of paint on the top, there wouldn’t have been nearly are much sanding required. Live and learn!

After I sanded, and sanded, I sealed the table. I used something that is new to me, lindseed oil. You can buy this oil at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. It was so easy to use, just put on a cloth and wipe it on. And, it created a perfect finish! I will definitely be using it again soon!!

And, of course, like always, once I got it into my house to stage for pictures to sell it, I thought…”it turned out so cute, should I keep it?”

I ALWAYS want to keep the pieces that I refinish. It’s a real problem. Hopefully she goes to a good home!

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