A fun light fixture makeover

My son, who is a huge sports fan and athlete, kept asking me to decorate his room. Of course, it had to be sports themed. When thinking about the details, like a light fixture, I remembered this green barn light that I had gotten at a thrift store, it was just sitting in my basement. I was going to rewire it, and hang it as is, but my son absolutely hated the green! I also had the top to a school house light that the glass had broken on. I put the two together. Added a couple coats of my favorite Rustolem spray paint, in canyon black.And then wrote… “it’s not whether or win or lose…it’s how you play the game”, with this gold marker that I got at Michael’s. Loving the way it turned out! Think how cute it would be if you sprayed a light fixture black, and then drew stars and constellations on it…or a sweet, soft blue or pink and wrote the abc’s or a nursery rhyme….so many possibilities!!

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