• Gail

    I have 1 which is similar to your middle one in your top photo. The silk grey shade brings out the subtle colors in my lamp

    • LeCultivateur

      I got floral shades for two of my lamps, but I’m not really digging the floral. I am definitely going to try gray now!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Kippi

    This post is perfect. I love to collect vintage pottery, Fiesta Ware, frogs, thermoses, chairs and linens. I have a storage locker to store out of season items. I walk a fine line between collecting and hording. So glad I found this beautiful post on the link party. Happy Summer, Kippi

  • Geslina

    I fell in love with these lamps years ago, when Rachel Ashwell first introduced them on her Shabby Chic tv show….but whenever I saw one for sale, they were just too pricey. Then early one day at a flea market, a young girl was selling off all of her grandmas stuff….she had one of these, a larger size one, the alabaster in beautiful condition…no shade, but it had its original finial….and it needed to be rewired. I asked the price – $5!!! I carried it around for the rest of the day, lost count of how many shoppers asked me where I got it. Cost me $30 to get it rewired. One of my best finds ever at a flea market.

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