Hanging a plate gallery wall without plate hangers and nails

Y’all know that I LOVE to decorate with vintage plates! Making a good plate gallery wall makes my heart happy!!!

Yesterday, my sister asked me to help her put up a plate wall in her entry. Here is her entry before…

Really cute, but she wanted to add a little interest…plates!!! She didn’t want to use nails, so we used command strips instead.

The command strips work really well, we used them in her previous house on a plate wall we did. She had the plates up for about a year, and not one plate ever fell. If you do decide to use command strips instead on plate hangers and nails, make sure that both the back of the plate and the wall are clean. They will only properly adhere to clean surfaces. I always use rubbing alcohol to clean my surfaces before applying the command strips.

We gathered all of our plates, measured our area, and them made a rough draft version on the floor. We decided to have one side cascading down the wall just a little. Love the way it turned out!!!The fun thing about a plate wall is you can add a plate here and there, just whenever you find new plates that you love.

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    • LeCultivateur

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! Vintage mismatched plates have my heart!!πŸ’—

    • LeCultivateur

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment!! The first plate wall that i used command strips for, I was sooo nervous, but they really do work!!

      • Laura

        r the command strips still working? lose any dishes?
        I have several of my mom’s plates but the landlord doesn’t want any holes in the walls
        thanks for any info

        • LeCultivateur

          All of the plates are still hanging, no loss! Make sure, when you hang the plates, that both surfaces (wall and back of the plate) are clean and dry. And never reposition the command strip, if you need to move it for any reason, be sure to use a fresh new strip. Those are the two things that I have learned to be most important when using command strips. Let me know how it works out form you!

  • Kathy A

    I, too, loved the cascading effect and the pink flowers. I am a pink rose plate collector and when I finally get mine hung, the wall will be a riot of color with big cabbage roses rather than your delicate, sophisticated effect. I definitely like the idea of being able to add one more, then one more as the collection grows. Also love how the pink table legs pick up the pink in the plates!

  • Our Hopeful Home

    Oh my gosh I am in love! We’ve had our dining room remodeled and I am still in the throes of making decorating decisions. I still need to put up farmhouse shelves and A PLATE WALL! It’s been on my list for like, forever! I have a huge collection of plates, just can’t decide on which ones…….you have totally inspired me! The trailing effect is so lovely:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    • LeCultivateur

      Thank you so much for such a sweet comment!!! I can’t wait to see your plate wall when it goes up. I am sure it will be darling!!!πŸ’•

  • Cecilia

    I have a plate gallery wall in my dining room featuring transferware. I think pretty plates make the best “art.” You’ve chosen such a gorgeous collection! I absolutely love how it looks!

  • Nellie

    I love this……….it is so unique and lovely…..made for a beautiful vignette and wall. Lovely!
    Have never used command hooks or known anyone who has…..so will tuck that info away
    for when I might need it.

  • Angelina

    What a wonderful look! I confess I would be a little nervous to hang my plates without plate hangers but love the idea of no nails in the wall. This would’ve worked so well when I lived in places where I wasn’t allowed to put nails in the wall. I love all of your beautiful plates, too! Featuring you as part of Thursday Favorite Things this week!

    • LeCultivateur

      Thank you so much for featuring my plate wall!! I totally get being so nervous about hanging plates without plate hangers! I was so completely skeptical at first too…surprisingly it really works!
      Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!!!
      Thanks again!

  • Amber Ferguson

    What an absolutely stunning gallery wall! I have been planning to hang similar plates and platters over my piano. I have used command strips on some of my ironstone plates but I have been wary of the heavier platters.

    This is such a stunning post! Thanks for sharing at TFT, Pinning!!!!

  • Gayle Bate

    How do you use a Command strip when the plate or platter has a rim on the bottom? Are you placing it on the rim? Or is there another way? Thanks

    • LeCultivateur

      For the plates with a rim, I just tried to really work the command strip onto the rim…if the plate has a rim, I suggest putting two or three command strips around the rim, just to ensure that you don’t loose a plate that you really love. Make sure to really push the plates onto the wall, not so hard that you break the plate, but hard enough to keep the plate in place. One other tip, once you’ve put the command strip on, keep it on…every time you move or adjust the strip, it looses some of its grip. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!! I hope this helps.
      Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  • Kelly

    Your sister and I have the same taste in plates. I have a collection of plates that look almost identical. Right now they are stacked and squirreled away in my hutch but I might have to try this out. Thanks!

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