Living Room Makeover

I am so excited to show y’all my living room makeover. With some elbow grease, and just $100, my living room went from this…To this…The biggest change, is obviously the faux fireplace. You can see how I built it Here. It adds so much visual interest, and of course, it gives me another place to decorate for the holidays, which I am so excited about!!

Other than the faux fireplace, the only other thing I bought was paint. I painted the walls a soft light gray, that has a slightest touch of blue. It’s an old Martha Stewart color called “cumulus cloud”. It’s one of my all time favorite colors!!! In my previous home, I painted every wall, in all the living areas, this color. With a lot of creativity, thinking outside the box, hard work, and DIY, I am once again amazed to see what I could do for just $100!

Happy Monday y’all!! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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