Late Summer Decor

Happy Monday, friends!! I’m so glad to be back after taking last week off from blogging! My boys are all starting school this week, which is so exciting! My youngest will be in preschool, my two middle boys are in elementary, and my oldest in junior high! My boys are excited to return to school and see their friends, and I’m excited to have a little more time for projects!

When kids start heading back to school, it feels like summer is starting to come to an end, which is so sad! I love summer so much!!

While I am trying to enjoy every last moment of summer, I’m also getting my creative juices flowing for transitioning my house from summer, to late summer, and on to fall decor. I always love to look to Mother Nature for seasonal decor ideas. Late summer blooming flowers never disappoint! Dahlias are my favorite late summer/early fall flower! I always plant a few darker, moodier colored dahlias that I specifically use for late summer/fall decor.

These are my three favorites this year! They are the perfect late summer/fall colors! These darker colors are slowly creeping into my flower arrangements, for a late summer vibe.

Is it any surprise that my late summer decor consists mostly of flowers?!!

Why not use what Mother Nature gives us, right?

Soon the pumpkins and gourds will be ready for the pickin’, but for now, we’re still blessed with beautiful blooms!! Yay!!

Thank you so much for visiting LeCultivateur!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


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  1. These are pretty colors Emily. I use my Hydrangeas I dry every year for fall and spring decor. I usually have them drying all over in my closets ha ha.

    Most are summer people. Me, love fall and cold days. Minus snow.

    Enjoy some time to play


    1. Thank you, sweet friend!!!

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize you had four boys. And I thought having one was a handful. Anyways, enjoyed reading about your dailies for decorating. They’re my favorites too.

    1. Four boys is quite a handful, but so much fun!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment!! Happy Monday!!

  3. I follow and love your posts. Can’t wait for PSL !!

    1. Yay for PSL!!!

  4. You are so amazingly talented at arranging flowers and your yard must look like a botanical garden with all the stunning flowers you are always bringing inside from your yard.

    1. You’re the sweetest!! Actually my yard looks quite horrific this year! I have had lots of spider mites that have taken over lots of my plants! It’s been sad, but trying to enjoy the few blooms that I have. Yay for summer and fresh blooms!!!

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