Top Shelf Clearance Challenge ~ Fall Autumn

Happy Monday y’all!! I am so excited to start this week off with our monthly clearance challenge! The rules are the same every month, the item(s) must be on clearance, and $15 or less! Do you ever wonder what you could do with just $15, in the clearance section? Trust me, it can be challenging!!

One of these mirrors in not like the others…

One of these mirrors just started to belong…

Can you tell which mirror is not like the others, by the time I finish this song?

I have had this song stuck in my head all day, so it only made sense to add it to my blog post, right! Did guess which mirror I just found on clearance?

If you guessed….

Then you are right! I found this little cutie at Hobby Lobby for just $7.49, originally $29.99! It is such a sweet little mirror, with a vintage feel, so it fits right in!

And, of course, with the new addition, I had to redo my mantel!

I love using these seed pods!! Natural and beautiful!!

Now, let’s head over to the other blogs, to check out what they have each found on clearance! Just click on the pictures below….

How fun was that!! The clearance challenge is always so much fun for me, it is so challenging, which always sparks my creative side!

Hope you enjoyed!!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, LeCultivateur!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Cute mirror Emily makes a nice addition.


  2. Emily your mantel looks amazing and the new clearance find is a great addition to your mirror collection. happy Monday

  3. What a sweet little mirror. Looks great with the others. Nice find!

  4. Love your find Emily! Especially that it looks like you without you even needing to break out the white paint! 😱. Don’t you love when that happens? I just love those pods you keep using in your fall decor: is it a tree or a bush or what that they come from? Any idea the name of it? I think I need one.

  5. Emily, I love love love your mirrors and how you’ve styled them on your mantel!

  6. What a cute little mirror! You really got a bargain!! I love the way you’ve decorated your mantel.

  7. What a CUTE find! I love that little mirror! And it’s perfect on your beautiful mantel! Love it!

  8. This is a fantastic find Emily! I love the chippy paint!

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