Happy Monday, friends!

Can you believe that Halloween is less than two weeks away!!? Do you decorate for Halloween? I don’t do a lot, but I always try to do a few fun things for my kids. My boys love Halloween!

I was at Michael’s the other day, and found some really cute die cuts!

I knew that with a few glass bottles and these die cuts, I could make something fun and festive.

Using Elmer’s glue, I simply glued a die cut on each bottle…

Such a fun and easy Halloween vignette!!

For those of you that want information about this white wood riser, you can check out how I made it, by clicking HERE.

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Hope y’all are have a wonderful Monday!!


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  1. I bought these same die cuts a few weeks ago. Great minds think alike! I used them in my calendar, but I like what you did with yours better! Such a cute idea. This looks awesome!

  2. Very nice job Emily. Love the bottles and your branch. You have gotten great mileage out of this idea which are all great.

    I don’t decorate for Halloween. Not a fan, maybe because we don’t have human children should 😅


  3. I love what you did with the die cuts! Those are really cute! I don’t do a lot for Halloween, either, but Christmas is a completely different story! haha

  4. I don’t decorate for Halloween I use to when my children were little.

    Love what you did with your bottles. Very creative. Happy Halloween Emily!

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