My DIY kitchen island

Happy Thursday, friends!! I hope y’all are having a wonderful week! I continue to keep my mind off of everything going on in the world around us, by staying busy with my sweet boys, and with projects!

First project completed, my kitchen island. Here’s my kitchen before, with the original kitchen island….

Ever since we moved in, I’ve wanted to replace it, and now seems as good of time as ever!

I already knew that the flooring was also under the island, making it a much easier project. I was so glad not to have to repair/add/replace any flooring, there are just a few screw holes that I will easily be able to fix with some putty and sandpaper.

I decided to move the drawers to the wall, next to the refrigerator. I love the sweet vintage cabinet that was there, but only wanted one furniture piece in this space. Now all of the cabinets on the perimeter of the kitchen are matching, making my new island the main focal point.

For the island, I started with this vintage buffet/side board that I found on the FB marketplace for just $40!!

I started by taking the top off…

In order to add the bottom shelf, I had to better secure all of the cross supports between the legs, using wood glue and long screws.

I also took the molding off around the bottom, and added a new molding. I needed the original molding to replace a missing piece on one of the drawers.

I built legs on the back, using 1×2 and 1×4 select pine boards. I kept the legs hollow, to allow the wires to come up from the floor, into the island…

The wires come in through a hole in the floor, up the back leg, and into the island.

The wires are inside that blue tube, which I’m now realizing that I still need to paint. It usually takes me forever to get to all of the little details. But, it is mostly done, which makes me so happy!

Added beadboard and corbels to the backside of the piece…

And then came time to figure out the countertop. I really wanted butcher block, but it was proving hard to find, whereas everything is closed, due to COVID19. But, when push comes to shove, I ALWAYS figure it out. And, sure enough, I found this solid wood, antique tabletop to use. I love it! I can’t imagine a better top!

Now time for paint…

I started with a beautiful blue paint, and LOVED it, but it just didn’t fit in like I had envisioned. I turned to my tried and true love, Benjamin Moore White Dove.

For the top, I sanded it down, and finished it with white wax. Loving how light it is!!

For this project, I already had everything that I used, except for the baskets. I found those online and had them delivered. Aren’t they perfect!!


For my next project, I’m taking down the half walls in my staircase and adding railing. I can’t wait!!

Next time I show this space, you’ll see railing, instead of that half wall leading upstairs. Yay for projects!!

Hope you all have an amazing day!!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment, or email me at

Sending you all so much love!!!


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  1. Your new island is amazing!! And I love the baskets. What a great idea! You seem to have more space in the kitchen now, too.

  2. I thought your island before looked great but….EMILY the new island is totally your style. I love it and how you have it styled.

    1. Thank you!!!

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