Easy DIY pyramid trellis for the garden

Happy Tuesday, friends!! I hope you’re having a great start to the new week!!

Today, Tara and I are each sharing a quick and easy summer craft. I put together a simple trellis for my new Mandevilla plant.

It has been a cold and rainy all day, so I brought this project inside.

What you’ll need:

bamboo stakes

twine and/or ribbon



Start by planting your plant in your container, using a good potting soil mix.

Insert four bamboo stakes into the soil,  around the edges of the planter.

Using twine/ribbon, tie the four stakes together, wrap the twine around and around the top of the stakes to secure.

Once the stakes were secured together, I started wrapping the Mandevilla vines up around the stakes.  Mandevilla likes to climb, which is why it decide to add the trellis. This was such a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to build a sweet little trellis. I love it!!

I also added a couple silk ribbons to the top, because why not!! I love adding little snippets of ribbon/lace wherever I can! I cant wait to put this outside, in my yard, to watch it grow and thrive throughout the summer months! Yay for summer and all the summer flowers!!

Let’s hop over and see what Tara is sharing today! simply click on the picture below….

Thank you so much for stopping by today!! I appreciate you all!!!!


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  1. That looks so cute! I need to do this with a couple plants I have!

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