My Favorite Garden Roses

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

Today, I am so excited to be joining Tara to share something summer or garden related. I, of course, am sharing some current garden blooms that I brought inside to arrange. Not many things are blooming in my yard just yet, but my favorite garden roses have started to bloom, which is so exciting!

These garden roses are some of my favorites! Layers and layers of ruffled petals with the sweetest summer scent make for such a lovely flower!!

A couple soft pink peonies found their way into the clippings this morning. Soon all of my peonies will bloom, I can’t wait!!! You know I’m going to cut a bunch to bring inside!!

These sweet blooms are going to be arranged in this ironstone tureen. Ironstone and fresh flowers, such a dreamy combination!

I absolutely love gardening! I suppose everyone’s reason for gardening is different, for some it’s to have an abundant harvest of fresh fruits and veggies, for some it’s to have a beautiful outdoor space, for me it’s to have fresh cut flowers to bring inside all summer long! I love fresh flowers, they make my home feel so happy and cheerful!

Let’s hop over and see that Cindy and Tara are sharing today! Simply click the links below to check out their blog posts…

Tara at Stilettos and Shiplap

Thank you for stopping by! Sending you all lots of love!!!


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  1. It never fails, every time I see an arrangement you made from flowers from your garden, I see a new flower I need to grow. Those roses are so incredibly beautiful and I don’t have any roses that color or that ruffled. Now I need some. I think I might run out of space in my garden soon if you don’t stop inspiring me with new flowers! By the way, flowers (especially roses and peonies) were MADE for ironstone. Or maybe ironstone was made for them? Either way….

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