merry little kitchen shelves

Happy Thursday, friends!!!! I hope you are all having a great day!!!

Today, I am thrilled to be blogging with Tara! We are going to share how we have each decorated the shelves in our kitchens for Christmas this year!!

I took the fall decor off these shelves a few short days ago. Every year I start decorating earlier, in hopes of finishing my decor early, but that never happens. I will probably be decorating up until Christmas Eve and will plan to do better next year.

Vintage Santa mugs are something that I collect throughout the year. I hope to have a huge collection one day!

Let’s hope over and see what Tara is sharing today!! Simply click on the picture below…

Thank you so much for stopping by today!!!

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  1. Love your open shelf styling so much. You always make them look amazing and your Santa mug collection is really getting impressive! I should start collecting them too. I always love when I see other people’s collections but I have so little storage that I have to be careful how many things I need to store throughout the rest of the year! Loved blogging with you again…’s been too long.

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