Favorite Things Thursday ~ Trader Joe’s Flowers

It’s no secret that I love fresh flowers! They are the perfect accessory in any room. So, when it’s not flower season, and I can’t run out into my yard to cut beautiful blooms, what do I do? I get fresh flowers at Trader Joe’s, of course. It wasn’t until last year that I started getting flowers at Trader Joe’s. Now I’m hooked! Not only do they have beautiful blooms, and seasonal greenery, the prices are amazing!!

I picked up a bunch of this greenery, for just $3.99!Perfect for little spring wreaths.

The other day when I went, there was an abundance of tulips. I am so ready for spring to arrive!!! Big bunches of tulips, less than $10! I love the color of these, just the slightest touch of pink. So sweet!!

And, the tulips for my Valentine’s Day mantel came from Trader Joe’s too.

There are always, always hydrangeas, usually 3 stems for $6 or $7.There is always such an amazing assortment of seasonal beauties!I love flowers!! Any, and all fresh flowers/greenery that I have in my house during the winter months, are most likely from Trader Joe’s. If you love fresh flowers, but haven’t shopped at Trader Joe’s before, you definitely should. Their flowers don’t disappoint!

How about you? Do you decorate with flowers? Faux or fresh?

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  1. Oh Emily, I so love flowers too! And these Trader Joe’s finds of yours are perfect for spring! Love the boxwood wreath you made!

    1. Thank you so much!!💗

  2. I love flowers too, I just don’t buy them as often as i would like. I always think of it after I have already left the store lol. I love you you use flowers in you decor, always so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much!!💗

  3. I always loved the idea of fresh tulips for inside the home!
    The wreath you put together is adorable! Your ideas for using fresh flowers and greenery, when decorating, are always so inspiring! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! You’re so sweet!💗

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