Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor

Hi, friends!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I am so excited to start this week off with a vintage valentine blog hop, hosted by the very sweet, and super talented Amber, from Follow The Yellow Brick HomeY’all know how much I adore vintage Valentine’s Day cards, so naturally I am so excited to share some vintage valentine love with y’all. I am also SO excited to see what the other talented bloggers, on this blog hop, are sharing with us today! If you just came from Lora Bloomquist , I’m sure that you still have such big heart eyes, after seeing all of her gorgeous Valentine’s Day inspiration!

My love for vintage Valentine’s Day cards came a few years ago, when I came across the sweetest vintage valentine, at an antique store. I absolutely loved it! In the picture below, is THE vintage valentine that started my entire collection. I loved every detail of it. The sweet little boy looking out a window, from his adorable heart shaped cottage, gazing at the little girl coming to deliver a valentine to him. It doesn’t get much sweeter!

Since then, my collection has grown quite a bit. I just can’t stop myself from buying these charming Valentine’s Day cards! Every Valentines, I tell my husband, forget the flowers, get me a vintage treasure!

Finding items to display my sweet vintage valentines, has always been a challenge. I love to use vintage flower frogs, they hold the valentines perfectly! I also love to use wire card holders, they hold the valentines so well, and really help to add height to the display. The one that I am using this year, was from the after Christmas sale at Target. It is meant for Christmas cards, but as soon as I saw the gold hearts, I knew it would be perfect for valentines! Here are two darling options, if you’re looking for display items for your Valentine’s Day cards.



These two valentines below, always remind me so much of my sister and I. She, with strawberry blonde hair, always so prim and proper. Me, with a head of dark hair, holding a paint brush, and looking a little mischievous.

I added just a few simple vintage valentine touches to my mantel.

The vintage lace heart, that I made this year, is a new favorite of mine.

I also added a little vintage valentine love to my ironstone cabinet.

And, this sweet little reproduction vintage valentine, that I picked up at Hobby Lobby, is a perfect little touch for my kitchen shelf. I hope you enjoyed my vintage valentines!! Next up is, Heather, from Beauty for Ashes . You’re not going to want to miss her gorgeous Valentine’s Day decor!! And, be sure to click on the links below, to check out all the other amazing vintage valentine inspiration!!

Thank you so much for visiting LeCultivateur!!! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, and for leaving me such sweet, encouraging comments! Y’all are the best!!!


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  1. Emily how sweet your vintage Valentine’s day cards are. They look lovely how you styled them on the card holders. I love all your Valentine touches. Enjoy hopping with you. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie!

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  2. Emily, I love all of your sweet Valentine vignettes and vintage Valentines! It makes my heart happy to be joining you on this hop! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  3. Emily, I love your charming Valentine decor and the ways you display it! Makes me want to put some of mine on wire card holders, too! It’s been fun doing the blog hop with you!

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  4. I love this cabinet full of ironstone with the chicken wire so much! It’s always one of my favorite pieces. I can’t believe you have so many vintage Valentines – that is really cool. The way you have everything displayed is very creative. Happy Valentine’s Day, CoCo

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  5. All of your vintage cards are precious. I really want to find some. I was looking closely at some of them and thought – how fun it would be to dress up like this for Halloween. Think anyone would understand what I was if I had on a polka dotted dress, droopy socks and a fun hat? I bet they would if I painted big red circles on my cheeks! Hmmm.

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗 That is Such a cute Halloween costume idea!!!

  6. You have a wonderful collection of Valentine’s Day cards. The one that started your collection is precious. Next year at Christmas time I’m going to look for Christmas card holders like you used for some of your cards. I also use flower frogs, but I like how your card holders display the cards at different heights.

    1. Thank you so much!!! That card holder was definitely a great purchase!

  7. I love your Valentine collection! I love how you display them. Your idea to use flower frogs and wine card holders is so perfect! It looks amazing on your table!!

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  8. I love your collection. So many great details. I want to run out and get some for myself! xo- maryjo

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  9. Your vintage Valentine collection is so cute and I love the idea of displaying them using the wire photo or card holders. Brilliant! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  10. Your Valentine cards are so adorable and I love how you displayed them. You have definitely inspired me! Have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Hope you have a wonderful week too!!💗

  11. What a wonderful collection you have! I love them all, and am totally eyeing your paper bell in the background; what a fun display piece! Fun hopping with you, Emily!

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  12. I love vintage Valentines as well, and you have some beauties! I adore the sweet details on them. Your mantle and cabinet of ironstone are both wonderful!!

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  13. I have seen your vintage Valentines on Instagram both from you and others who shared them. They are absolutely beautiful. And I love how you styled them.

    1. You’re so sweet! I love collecting these vintage darlings!
      Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  14. I love your fabulous vintage cards and the card holders are such a special touch too. Beautiful vignettes.

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  15. Emily you have a beautiful collection and home! I love your style and that chicken wire hutch full of goodies!

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  16. What a fabulous collection of Valentine’s cards! I love taking my time looking at them! So happy to be hopping with you! Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Angelina @ Petite Haus

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  17. You have a cute collection of vintage Valentines, and your heart wire stand from Target is perfect for displaying them.

    Hope you get more to add to your collection this year… 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day,


    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  18. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    You have created the prettiest Valentine’s vignettes. I love your vintage card collection. It has been so much fun blog hopping with you!

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  19. I am so smitten with your sweet Valentine’s Day card collection. The way you display them is just perfect!!

    1. Thank you so much!!!💗

  20. Hi Emily! I stopped by on Monday but just now getting back around to commenting.

    I can’t take it!!!!!!!!!!!! Your vintage valentine’s are pure perfection and you have styled them in the most adorable ways. The little blue car with the cherubs just might be my favorite valentine ever!

    I think I have told my husband that same thing every holiday…”forget everything else, just get me vintage treasures!”

    You have an amazing collection of valentines and have inspired me to hunt for more throughout the year.

    Thanks so much for joining the hop. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. You’re always so sweet!! Thank you for these sweet words!!💗

  21. Precious! I so look foward to your emails!

    1. You’re so sweet! Thank you!!!

  22. Emily, this is simply ADORABLE!!! You have displayed your precious vintage Valentine collection absolutely perfectly. It’s all so whimsical and light-hearted! Is it okay with you if I include this post in a Valentine Day roundup post on my blog on Feb 9?? LMK!!

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