French Vintage Friday ~ bottle brush trees

Happy November 1st!! Is this year passing by way too fast, or is it just me feeling this way? I seriously cannot believe it’s already November!! Bring on the Christmas decor!!!

Today, for French Vintage Friday, I’m sharing bottle brush trees. They are such a fun, and easy way to add a little Christmas cheer to any vignette!

I LOVE vintage bottle brush trees, but they’re getting harder and harder to find, so I mix old with new, which I also love!

Nothing beats the quality and uniqueness of vintage!

But, if you’re like me, and can’t afford to order a bunch of vintage bottle brush trees from eBay, you can totally find cute reproductions. I found a bunch, last year, at Walmart, Target, and Hobby Lobby!

Another idea, if you’re going to use new trees, it’s always fun to replace some of the tree bases with something unique and/or vintage, such as vintage thread spools…

The old thread spools give these new trees a vintage flair, that I love!

This is seriously getting me so excited to start decorating for Christmas!!!

Now, let’s head over to Tara’s blog to see what she is sharing today! Simply click on the picture below…

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Hope y’all are have a wonderful weekend!!


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  1. I love bottle brush trees too and I’ve already been planning what I want to replace the bases of mine with. I do love the vintage spools for sure. The bad thing is that my kids are really starting to like the bottle brush trees too so my collection has drastically reduced and for some odd reason they have a LOT of them in their rooms with their winter villages. I’m thinking there is a connection. 😄

    1. So sweet!! Sounds like my youngest two. They both love have holiday decorations in their rooms too! So much fun!

  2. Beautiful Emily. I love bottle brush trees and have many, okay alot.

    Hope the kids had a great Halloween 🎃

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you!!!

  3. Emily,
    I love to see all your post. It seems like you are well into the Christmas Spirit. Looking forward to all your new ideas.

    1. Thank you so much!!

  4. I would love to know what to look for when buying vintage bottle brush trees.

    I found 3 recently and they look old but there is not much info out on what to look for.


    1. Usually you can tell if it is authentically vintage by the base of the tree. Now days, there are so many great reproductions that it’s hard to discern new vs vintage, but the base of the tree is a good indicator. My collection consists of old and new. I love them all!

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