Happy Thursday, friends! We’re in the first official week of summer, which just so happens to be my favorite season of the year!! Fresh flowers right out of the garden, long days full of sunshine, kids out of school, playing in the yard, pool days, beach days, garden days, and so much more to love!!

Speaking of fresh blooms from the garden, my peonies are blooming! I harvested a lot of them to bring inside before their season was over. I love having fresh flowers inside to enjoy!

Every year my peony plants give me more and more gorgeous blooms! I’m going to plant a few more varieties this fall! I love these fluffy, ruffled blooms!

Thank you for stopping by!!! Wishing you all a wonderful day, full of sunshine and happiness!!


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  1. so beautiful and Lush, Emily. Happy first week of Summer!

  2. Absolutely love peonies and especially those pale peachy pink ones you have. I sure wish they’d last longer though. I swear they seem like some of the shortest blooming plants there are!

    1. I love peonies too!! It’s true, their bloom is too short lived

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