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    Giveaway Winners

    Happy Thursday, friends!!! Thank you so much for all of your comments and help in choosing my holiday cards! Y’all are so sweet and make blogging so much fun! The three winners for this giveaway (please email at inquiries@lecultivateur.com with your addresses)…. • vintage ornaments The winner is…. • Stocking Stretchers The winner is…. • my favorite winter candle The winner is… Thank you so much for everyone that commented and participated in the giveaway, I truly wish that each and every one of you could win!! So much love to you all!! ~Emily Please follow and like us:

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    Christmas Giveaway – 3 winners

    Hi lovelies!! Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!! I’m so excited to be starting this week off with a fun giveaway! Three items, three winners, three days to enter…. • Five vintage ornaments • Two stocking stretchers, one natural wood and one painted white • my all time favorite Christmas candle Do you want to win one of these items? Here’s how to enter… Help me pick out my Christmas cards for 2019, by reading through my most recent post about holiday cards, you must also leave a comment on that post (Perfect Holiday Cards), letting me know which card(s) you think is the best! You can click HERE to…

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    September giveaway winner…

    Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m so excited to announce the winner for my September giveaway…. Thank you so much to everyone that visits to my blog, comments, and supports me!! I wish every single one of you could win! I will let y’all know about the October giveaway soon! So much love to you all!!! ~Emily Please follow and like us:

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    September Giveaway

    Happy, happy September y’all!! I loved doing a giveaway last month, and thought it would be fun to do it again this month! This month I am going to be giving away, a Starbucks gift card (coffee is always a must!!) And, the supplies to make some glass glittered pumpkins. glass glitter… And three of my favorite little faux pumpkins… Here’s how to enter… • 5 entries for following my blog, you can sign up through email, WordPress, bloglovin’, Facebook, etc. Any of these options count. •3 entries for every time you come to my blog, read my new post (or even just look at the pictures), and leave me…

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    August Giveaway Winner…

    Happy Labor Day, friends!! Thank you EVERYONE that entered my giveaway for August!! I really wish that every single one of you could win!! All packaged up and ready to send… This month’s winner… I just emailed you, Nikki. I will ship it out, just as soon as I get your address!! I cannot thank y’all enough for being so encouraging and supportive of my dream of blogging! THANK YOU!!! I will post details for September’s giveaway soon…any suggestions? I’d love to hear!! Hope y’all have a wonderful day!! ~Emily Please follow and like us:

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