Favorite Things Thursday ~ vintage butter pats

Do you ever come across something, and wonder why you have never stumbled across this before? That’s how I felt about vintage butter pats. One afternoon, while walking the aisles of a local antique store, I found three vintage butter pats. I was in love!! Now that I know what these darling little plates actually are, I have noticed so many pictures of vintage butter pats, all of Pinterest and Instagram. Aren’t they just so cute and so sweet? My collection has just only started, and consists of a mere five butter pats, but is sure to grow. Some people collect matching sets, but y’all know how much I love mismatched vintage plates, and the same will apply here. Mismatched all the way!! I dream of having stacks upon stacks, of these little lovelies!!!Every time I see stack of these sweet little plates, it makes me want to run out and search for more!

I would love to hear, what are you totally into collecting right now?

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  1. How cute are these? They have turkey butter pats at one of the grocery stores by me!

    1. Wow!! I bet they’re so cute!

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