New year, new projects ~ 2022

Happy new year, sweet friends!!!! I can’t believe it’s 2022! Last year came and went so fast!

Today, Tara and I, are taking a look back at our project list from last year and making a new list for this year.

What was on my project to do list last year?

• Master bathroom – I didn’t even start on it, hopefully this year, so back on the list it goes.

• Outdoor space – I bought all the wood to build a pergola, I even laid the footings, but that’s about it, so back on the list it goes.

• Master bedroom – I wanted to add a little more character to my bedroom, I never blogged about it, but I did add some character by adding some trim

There is still more that I’d like to do to this space, but for now, I’m loving it!

• Redo mudroom – this is a space that I did do last year, but still feeling like I want to tweak it just a bit. My home is always changing and evolving. Click HERE to read all about the mudroom makeover.

• Lighting – I wanted to replace a few light fixtures throughout my home. This I did accomplish!

I hung an old barn light above my sink and found new pendant lights to hang over the island. The pendant lights are from Lowe’s. They were on clearance for just $10, so I’m guessing they’re sold out by now, but if you happen to be near a Lowe’s and love these pendants as much as I do, you should definitely stop in and see if your store has any left!
I finally found a light fixture for the family room! Click HERE to check it out. I purchased the biggest one they have, 48 inches wide. I’m thinking that I might paint it using rub’n buff, what do you think? Go gold, or leave it black?
I also got the most beautiful antique crystal chandelier from my sister last year for my birthday. It is by far my most favorite chandelier that I have ever owned!! I’m thinking about moving this chandelier to hang above my dining room table, what are your thoughts?

And, for this year’s list? There are so many things that I want to do, but I’m going to try to make the list of things that I not only want to accomplish but things that I think I will be able to tackle this year.

• Outdoor space – I love being outside during the warmer spring and summer months! I plan on building my pergola and doing a few other things along the way to make my backyard closer to my dreams of a charming backyard.

• kitchen – I want to add more charm and character to my kitchen with a few small DIY‘s.

• powder room – I love the wallpaper that I have in my small powder room and would love to elevate the space a little more with some simple DIY projects. I’m thinking about painting the floors and adding much bigger baseboards. Click HERE to check out the powder room, I still am in LOVE the wallpaper!

•Mudroom – I am still not completely satisfied with how the mudroom looks, so I think I’m going to re-address that space this year. I am going to possibly add doors to the built-in for a cleaner look.

• Laundry room – my laundry room needs a little love, the space is at the top of my to-do list. Click HERE to see how my laundry room looked after its last little makeover.

let’s hop over and see what’s on Tara‘s list of to do projects this year. Simply click on the picture below…

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you all had a lovely holiday season!!

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  1. What a beautiful home you have and blog! I can’t wait to see what your projects are this year.

    1. Thank you so much!!!!

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