Favorite Things Thursday ~ Gold Leaf

Happy Thursday, friends!

Today I’m sharing something that I love to use, when I want to add just a touch of gold to something. Using gold leaf sheets is so easy to do, and it adds such a sweet, delicate gold detail, I love it!!This is the gold leaf that I use. SOURCE. It is seriously so easy to use. Start by brushing the area that you want to gold leaf, with a little Elmer’s glueThen lay a piece of the gold leaf on the area that you just applied the glue.Press the gold leaf onto the glued area. Let dry, I usually only wait a minute or two, because I like to rub most of the gold leaf off. If you let it dry a bit longer, more of the gold leaf will stay on.With a clean, dry brush, brush the excess gold leafing away.And you’re left with a beautiful, vintage looking gold detail.Y’all probably know that I am totally obsessed with rub’n buff too. Rub’n buff is also a great product to add gold detail. Just very different. Rub’n buff doesn’t offer this beautiful delicate gold detail, like gold leaf sheets do. So, If you’re like me, and like adding a little gold flair here and there, you’re totally going to love these gold leaf sheets!!

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  1. I love how the frame turned out. I always wanted to try gold leaf, i’m going to have to now!

    1. You’re so sweet! Thank you!!💗 I think you would love using these gold leaf sheets…so easy!! Hope you’re having a good week, my friend!!

  2. Oh, those beautiful pots! I cannot wait for Spring to be here so I can finally paint them. I might even try to add gold leaf somewhere in my house!

    1. You’re so sweet! Thank you!! I can’t wait to hear how your pots turn out. I’m sure they’re going to be amazing!! Hope you’re having a good week!!!💗

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