Thrifted Treasure – vintage dining table turned coffee table

Happy Monday, friends!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

Today, I’m so excited for our monthly thrift store challenge!!

For my thrifted treasure, I found a small antique drop leaf table, for just $20! I’ve been looking for a cute coffee table for a few weeks now, but haven’t found the perfect one. That is, until I saw this table.

I knew that with some paint, and a few inches cut off the legs, this would be the perfect coffee table!

And here she is! A few inches shorter and white. perfect!!!

I love how visible the wood grain is, even through the paint. I am absolutely loving this table!!

So, if you ever find a table that you love, but need a coffee table more than a table, you could always consider trimming the legs down! It worked for me!

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s thrift store challenge!!! I always love searching for thrifted treasures, and love seeing what everyone else has found!

Happy new week, friends!!! Hope your day is amazing!!


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  1. Perfect! As always. It looks so good in that space and I love the added interest that the drop leaves give to it. Not your ordinary coffee table which is perfect.

  2. I love your new coffee table. It looks great.

  3. WOWZA! This came out awesome. It looks perfect and you would never know you cut down the legs. Good job, girl!

  4. Great eye Emily. I probably would of walk right passed this not thinking about cutting the legs. It looks great.

  5. Hi Emily,

    The first thing I noticed is the wood grain and I love that fact.

    Looks great!


  6. I love this table Emily. I have a similar one with the drop leafs and we use it as a bench! Such a good idea cutting it down.

  7. This is just darling! And so perfect in your space!

  8. I have a similar one at my cottage. My Mom had refinished it and I inherited it from her. It has wheels on it so can be moved around. It was also cut down to coffee table height. I remember using it to play games on as children.

  9. I love this so much! I have a table like this that I’ve been wanting to do something with – now I know what! Thank you so much for sharing it with us at Farmhouse Friday – we’re featuring you at tomorrow’s party!

  10. Beautiful job and such a great idea! We loved it so much we are featuring it on the Farmhouse Friday link party! Thank you for linking up and we hope you do it again soon! Pinned

  11. Lovely, Emily! And so smart to cut-off the legs to create a coffee table! We miss you at Tuesday Turn About… hope you’ll join us!

  12. What a lovely piece, it looks fantastic!

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