For the love of crates and baskets

Hi friends!!! Happy Saturday! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far! Today, I’m so excited to be joining a group of bloggers for a fun blog hop, hosted by the very sweet and talented Cindy of County Road 407.

Today’s blog hop is all about baskets and crates, and y’all know how much I love old baskets, crates, bins, buckets, etc. I love to fill them with flowers, pillows, blankets, books, etc.

When placing fresh flowers in a basket, crate, bucket, etc, start by finding some sort of container/vase to hold water for the flowers.

For this antique crate/box, I used four glass cylinders to hold the water.

I filled it with fresh sunflowers and eucalyptus. Sunflowers are such a happy flower!

Do you see the basket on the back counter? It’s an antique “butt basket”, it was used to gather eggs. It is my favorite basket that I have ever found! Last summer while visiting my in-laws, I spent a lot of time at antique stores, this is where I noticed these lovely hand made baskets. They were each hundreds of dollars, even for the small ones, and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend hundreds on a basket. It was our last weekend visiting, when my mother-in-law took me to an estate auction. There were so many lovely antiques, and lucky for me, the crowd was after the tools and newer items. Not many people wanted the old stuff. I ended up getting a lot of stuff at that auction, but this basket was my most thrilling find! I ended up paying less than $10 for it!!! Not only is it cute as can be, it is also useful, it now holds all of our phone chargers, earbuds, cords, etc.

Flowers in an antique French basket….

Eucalyptus in a market basket…

A vintage crate, perfect to hold a few pillows and blanket….

Crates and baskets for cute toy storage….

Thank you so much for stopping by to see a few ways in which I’m using crates and baskets in my everyday decor and storage. I can’t wait to check out all the other blogs!! Simply click on the links below to check them out too….

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  1. It’s so exciting you found the butt basket at the auction for $10 Emily! What a steal! I love the way you styled it with all your ironstone goodies and how you make your crates practical for storage too. Enjoy your day and your sunflowers – they’re beautiful! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Hi Emily – baskets are one of my favorite things – my daughter and I are basket junkies.
    The sunflowers and eucalyptus are perfect in that old crate, makes me wish I could duplicate it.

  3. Every photo is beautiful and I love all of your baskets and crates!

    I just noticed your kitchen island for the first time. It is similar to what I am wanting for our kitchen makeover. Was it a DIY? Do you have a post with more photos?

    Love this post!

    1. Thank you!! I did DIY it! I wrote a blog post about it a few weeks ago😊

  4. This is truly a swoon-worthy post! I adore all of your organizational ideas.

    1. Thank you!!

  5. What a great find. Antique baskets are hard to find. I love seeing the fresh flowers in your fun baskets and crates.

  6. I literally laughed out loud so fiercely I think the neighbors heard me through the window when I read “butt basket”! I’ve seen them and never knew what they were for. Eggs makes total sense but I prefer butt basket now. I’m an old lady with fifth grade humor levels. And I want your beautiful kitchen! Seeing it makes me want to go clean something. Thanks so much for joining in. Always adore everything you do. Pinned

  7. Hi Emily, what an amazing find with that antique basket at auction. I always think of those little coincidences as blessings. I love all the wooden crates and baskets full of flowers and branches. I just have to comment on your two small stools against the wall. adorable, stacked like that. Love your dresser turned island and open kitchen shelving.

    1. Thank you so much!!!

  8. I love the glimpses into your beautifully creative and vintage home, Emily! Love the antique caddy you put the sunflowers in, and hearing how you scored your butt basket. Secondhand is always the less expensive way to go!

  9. Hey Emily! I love all your gorgeous basket and crate ideas and inspiration! I especially love the crate filled with sunflowers and eucalyptus – perfect for this time of year!

  10. I love the large basket that you found at the auction and using it to hide cords and chargers is a great use for it. Also enjoyed seeing all of your other baskets and crate ideas.

  11. This all looks fabulous! I love baskets and crates, but I have a hard time styling them. I love your tips about adding fresh flowers to a crate, and I’m in love with that “butt basket.” I can’t believe you scored it for so cheap! Thanks for the inspiration!

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